Enhance the wellbeing of your teachers and students by using Pluto

Recently Pluto was exhibiting at the Independent Schools of New Zealand Conference in Auckland. The theme of the conference ‘Eudaimonia’ Educational Wellbeing.

So how does Pluto enhance wellbeing?

Wellbeing of Staff
– Burnout at the end of year is reduced
– More time available to spend on other jobs like reports
– All teachers’ voices are heard, and their knowledge and opinions of students are considered through Pluto’s algorithm
– Emotional attachment to ‘favourites’ is not an issue. Instead there is a fair spread for all
– Less complaints from parents and teachers once classes have been announced
– Rest assured that Pluto has provided an optimal solution
– Fair spread of challenging students for all teachers
– Beginning teachers can have an ‘easier’ class

Wellbeing of Students
– Friendships and negative combinations are considered so less anxiety over the summer holidays
– They will be placed in the class that is the right fit for them
– Historical data can be shown therefore relationships are not forgotten
– All students are accounted for, none are forgotten or left out

A balanced class based on the academic, social and behavioural needs of all students provides a better environment for all, a place where learning can thrive, and the emotional and social wellbeing of students and teachers can be nurtured.