Pluto takes just 3 easy steps!
For school teachers and management staff, Pluto student placement software takes the stress out of creating class lists.

1. Student information is entered

Teachers enter information about each student in their current class.

The student card is customizable and tailored to a school’s specific needs by including criteria they would normally consider when placing students.

2. Class set up

The person in charge of class placements sets up your school structure by assigning teachers to individual rooms, naming each class and selecting if you have any particular features such as an extension class, technology class or Innovative Learning Environment.

They manage specific needs such as hand-placing high needs students. They also handle special requests such as parents wishes or students they feel need to be matched with a certain teacher.

3. Review draft classes and make manual changes

Pluto intelligently creates a possible solution of draft lists for you to review.

Pluto gives you flexibility and is designed to understand the nature of the job. So if there are second opinions or change of thought processes you can drag and drop students' names to move them to another class if you feel the mix is not quite right.

Watch Pluto in action!

What student needs does Pluto consider?

Academic Needs
  • A good range of ability in all classes
  • Group students based on their reading levels and numeracy stages
  • Special needs students can be assigned to specific teachers
  • Handpick students for a smaller class e.g. learning support, or gifted and talented
  • Match student needs to teacher traits e.g. needs teacher with strength in writing

Behavioral Needs
  • Negative combinations of students can be separated. Pluto will retain this history from year to year.
  • Handpick students to match specific teachers
  • A fair balance of behavior based on teachers' input
  • Equal class sizes
  • Suitable students for a new graduate teacher

Social Needs
  • Recommended friendships or learning buddies can be placed together. Pluto will retain this history.
  • Students that must be together will be (such as twins or students with high needs)
  • An even split of boys and girls
  • English language learners can be placed together
  • An even balance of ethnicity

Using Pluto at your school

So, you've tried our demo and would like to introduce Pluto to your school. What's next?

Step 1

Complete the sign up form on our website.

Step 2

Just before you're needing Pluto set up we will send you details about what information we require from your School Information Management System.


We'll send you a link to our Setup Wizard and can arrange a time to go through this with you over the phone. This is where you customize your student card and select what you want Pluto's algorithm to prioritize.


We'll send you your teacher login details and a tutorial video explaining how teachers complete their part and you're ready to go!