We know that all schools - and the needs of all staff - are unique. That’s why Pluto offers a selection of subscription and support packages so there’s one that’s right for you.



US$1.00 / student*

STANDARD (Recommended)

US$1.25 / student*


US$2.00 / student*
You have a small, uncomplicated school, but you don’t want to create classes manually anymore.You have a complicated class placement process, with many variables to consider.Coming Soon
A fixed student card is provided with the typical variables required to create balanced classesFixed student card
A custom student card will be created based on your school's unique requirements.
You can choose which variables are important to your school and create new variables if desired.

e.g. Reading Groups, Numeracy Stages, Ethnicity, Student Interests
Customize your student card
Pluto will place students based on the importance of each variable.
Pluto has determined default values for each variable's importance and will use these values when creating your classes
Fixed priorities
Pluto will place students based on the importance of each variable.
Adjust the importance Pluto places on each variable to create your ideal classes at each year level.

e.g. You may wish your younger classes to be focused on reading ability, and your older classes focused on behavior
Customize your school's priorities
Students' academic levels are balanced across classes, ensuring an even split of abilitiesBalanced academic achievement
Students are placed in classes with (or not with) other students as requiredStudent relationships
Personalise your classes by hand placing any students that must be in particular classesHandpick students
Easily visualize your students' relationships and class balanceVisualize classes, drag and drop names
Classes may be assigned multiple teachers for a modern learning environment or job shareModern learning environment
Retain and display relationships from previous years for consistencyStudent history stored
Teachers may be given specific traits which would suit particular students.

e.g. Male role model, new graduate teacher
Teacher traits
Classrooms may be given specific features which would suit particular students.

e.g. Bring your own device, Modern Learning Environment
Classroom features
Quickly create groups that work well together within one class, and match students to parent helpersField trips
Create groups for class camps, matching parent helpers to students and providing advanced groupingsCamp groupings
Stream classes by ability levels whilst retaining friendships and balancing other variablesStreaming

* All prices are in USD

* Minimum fee of $400. Price is calculated based on your expected roll size at the end of this year. Pluto provides a +/-5% allowance on usage. (Refer to our terms of trade for more detail.)




STANDARD (Recommended)



Perfect for confident, tech-savvy users, or schools that have used Pluto before.You’re fairly confident with computers and new programs, but may need some help.You need reassurance because you’re not confident with new software.
We import your data from your School Information Management System annually to ensure your information is up to date and accurateImport and export of student data from School Information Management System
Importing teachers from your School Information Management System and setting up their logins and passwordsSet up teachers' accounts
Tutorial videos for each step of Pluto. Full colour manual available for download in pdf format. Includes FAQ's and illustrated examplesTutorial videos and manual
Creating your student cards, variables, and setting up the importance of your variablesInitial setup
Setup wizard + email support

Setup wizard + phone support

Setup wizard + phone support
Support provided via email. Response times are valid for business hours onlyEmail support
Response within 48 hours

Response within 24 hours

Priority response within 24 hours
Phone support provided during business hours to get you up and running quicklyPhone support
Over the phone step-by-step assistance available on requestComprehensive step-by-step assistance