Teachers just want time to teach

At Pluto we are very aware of the struggles faced by teachers, more so now in current affairs.

Not only are teachers faced with long working hours, lack of break times, marking books at home or out of school hours, there is also the issue of placing children in classes that will be beneficial to their social and educational learning.

That’s where class placement becomes vitally important. But, it is also time consuming and stressful for everyone involved. The manual way of doing this with postits, differing opinions and the time it takes is contributing to the overloaded workforce, as we’ve seen in recent news.

At Pluto we have the teachers, Principals and Deputy Principals on the front line firmly in mind. Our tool can help. Pluto eliminates the paperwork, intelligently sorts classes and places children where they will get the best out of their education, whilst giving back valuable teaching time to the teachers, something they feel is severely lacking. Read more about the growing needs of teachers in the article below. We’re here to help.