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North Shore solution to class placements reduces back-to-school stress

PUBLISHED, February 8 2017
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A North Shore solution to class placements aims to reduce back-to-school stress for pupils, parents and teachers.

Birkdale resident, and former teacher, Leah Corbett came up with the idea for Pluto Solutions as an easy way to sort class lists for primary school pupils.

“As a teacher at Greenhithe School, I was involved in the annual sorting of classes and got frustrated by the job because it took so many hours, and even weeks, taking into consideration so many factors like parent requests, student academic ability, friendships, behaviour…”

With no programs available to help sort classrooms, Corbett decided to come up with her own solution.

“The point of the product is that all that anxiety and tension could be relieved.”

The product also made the job for teachers easier, while harnessing their knowledge of the pupils, she said.

The product was used by a number of North Shore schools and, backed by positive feedback, the business was looking to expand.

Corbett hoped to eventually sell the program overseas, as it was unique almost the world over.

“There’s a need for it overseas as well.”