Finally, an easier way to create

next year's classes

Pluto – Class placement planning without the stress

As all school teachers, office and management staff know, organising and placing students in their classes for next year is time-consuming, chaotic and stressful.

Pluto is tailored student placement software that takes the stress out of this strenuous end-of-year job because it does the hard work for you.

Fair and balanced

You enter your student information and Pluto intelligently creates draft lists for you to review.

As class generating software, Pluto gives each teacher a good range of academic ability, balanced behavior and a fair spread of students with high needs. Friends are kept together and children who don’t get along are kept apart.

Behaviour Balance

Pluto is really flexible

Pluto gives the user the flexibility to drag and drop students' names if they feel the mix is not quite right.

Pluto will also consider what is important to a school’s usual sorting process and their unique requirements. If reading levels are a priority or challenging behavior needs to be well-balanced, Pluto can sort accordingly.

This high degree of flexibility gives the user the ability – and agility – to respond to unique circumstances for a better result.

Manual class placement

Better classes for all, made easy

By using information entered by your teachers, Pluto student placement software makes a class the best it can be.

If you’re a teacher, in the management team or a staff member in charge of sorting next year’s classes, Pluto is a must-have tool if you want the job to be as easy and robust as it can be, because Pluto… is out of this world.

Pluto eliminates the stress, making a difficult task a breeze

For school teachers, office and management staff, class placement is a challenging task. Doing it manually, with bits of paper and sticky tape, spread out on a table or stuck to a wall and pored over by a group of teachers is cumbersome, exhausting and frustrating. It can also lead to clashes with other teachers. Pluto eliminates the stress and the mess!

Easy, Consistent, Flexible, Less Stress

Benefits of using Pluto in your school
  • Better class placement means a healthier classroom dynamic
  • Teachers are content, and children enjoy school more
  • This means better opportunities for learning and development
  • It also means better behavior in children
  • Children who need extra help can be paired with another child as a learning buddy or to help with social interaction
  • Friendships can be nurtured by keeping children together
  • Better classes also have a trickle-down effect to parents, who have a happier, well-adjusted child coming home