What is pluto?

As an educator or principal, you know that class lists matter.

Pluto is an ingenious, fully customisable class placement program.
Pluto combines data from your Student Management System with teacher insights to create optimally balanced class lists at the click of a button.

How it works

Working with Pluto is as easy as 1,2,3


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Complete digital
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Pluto creates your

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Class placement usually takes hours to get the perfect balance in every class!
With Pluto you can quickly sort classes for optimal balance – meaning happier students, happier parents, and less stress.

Calmer Teachers

  • Reduces end of year workload and associated staff stress
  • Fosters better staff collaboration and relationships
  • Removes negative associations with a critical annual task
  • Ensures a balanced and fair mix of students in all classrooms
Calm, relaxed teacher in front of whiteboard

Happier Students

  • Reduces student anxiety by catering for individual needs
  • Incorporates current and historical peer relationship data
  • Considers specific parent requests
  • Creates an optimal mix of students to support confidence and self esteem
A group of students sitting on the mat looking engaged as their teacher teaches

Healthier Classroom Dynamics

  • Minimises conflicts between teacher’s and child’s needs
  • Ensures optimal student relationships in every classroom
  • Evaluates best placement of students based on teacher traits
  • Caters for various classroom types (eg. Composite, MLE)
Teacher and student high fiving in classroom

Feel confident in your class lists - and turn weeks of work into hours.

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