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Class Placement Policy Resources

9 May 2023

Discover Pluto's School Resources for a comprehensive guide to crafting an effective class placement policy that fosters a positive learning environment.

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Image showing Pluto's class placement policy example

Customer reviews

16 February 2023

An honest review of the Pluto Class Placement software by our customers

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Teachers having an impromptu meeting in the hallway

5 Steps for Making Better Class Lists

9 August 2022

Optimising the process of creating a balanced class list can be difficult. Discover actionable tips to streamline this time-consuming task!

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Case Study

Helping Streamline Class Placements

3 April 2022

Managing classroom placements can be difficult at the best of times. Add in unexpected challenges such as the recent pandemic that resulted in teachers away sick and classrooms…

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Diagram showing an old class placement process
Case Study

Embracing Educational Diversity

17 September 2021

Murrays Bay Intermediate School in Auckland uses Pluto’s class placement software to create diverse classes that reflect their mission and values.

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Teacher in a discussion with diverse students

Why Does Class Placement Matter?

2 August 2021

Class placement is something administrators must do every year, and it takes weeks of focussed work to do it well. No wonder, then, that many staff feel a sense of dread at the end of…

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Hillpark discuss their experience with Pluto

25 Nov 2021

Gavin Beere, Principal and Emma Ritzema-Bain, Associate Principal discuss their experiences before and after they started using Pluto…

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Case Study

Greenhithe Reduces Staff Burnout

4 June 2020

A few years ago, Greenhithe School would spend many of their scarce end-of-year hours on the development of class lists. Now, it’s a straightforward and stress-free task that…

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Summerland shares their Pluto experience

6th July 2017

Barb Dysart, Co-Principal of Summerland School in Auckland explains their experience before and after using Pluto.

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